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Concorde Pilot's side Console and flight Controls


This section Covers the Pilots additional controls, in particular the control column and side console on the aircraft

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1. Control column

2. Lighting control

3. Weather radar

4. Oxygen outlet

5. Headset sockets and speaker control

6. Lighting control & Speaker unit

7. Smoke goggles

8. Nose wheel steering

9. Ruddar pedal adjustment

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Control column

The Concorde control column is far more complex than you may initially think, apart from controlling the flying surfaces it has several other functions as detailed below.

Left you can see the pilots control, there are two slight differences between the pilots and first officers controls.

1. The pilots side control is a mirror image of the first officers.

2. The pilots control has the emergency control button



ADI pitch bar control

Audio selector flight or ground. This switch is located behind the control

Emergency Control Button

Pressed selects the emergency flight control systen used in case of a column jam when the light is on the emergency control system has been engaged.

Press again to disconnect the system

Above but out of view there is a test button for the system.

Top - Electronic trim


Bottom - Autopilot disconnect button

The control column also incorporates a stick shaker to alert flight outside normal parameters for example when the aircraft is at risk of stall.

Lighting control

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Please note the weather radar was upgraded during service, the detail to the right and below is for the old system but the principle of operation is the same.

Weather radar

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Left is an image of the old radar system, this was used in Air France Concorde and replaced by BA in 2001

Below you can see the weather radar unit that was installed in the BA Production fleet.

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Oxygen mask and controls

Headset sockets and speaker control

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Lighting control and speaker position

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Smoke Goggles

Contains a set of smoke goggles in case of fire or smoke

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Nose wheel steering

Ruddar pedal adjustment

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