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F-BVFF (215) French Production

Current registration - F-BVFF


Aircraft Number - 215


Manufacturer’s Serial Number - 100 -015


Production Variant Number - Type 1 Variant 102


Maiden Flight - 26th December 1978: Toulouse, France


Air France delivery - 23rd October 1980


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Registration history


  • First Registered as F-WJAN to Aerospatiale 


    23rd October 1980 aircraft re-registered as F-BVFF and delivered to Air France


  • Final Flight - 11th June 2000 – AF4586 Charter 


Aircraft history

1986: F-BVFF was the first Air France Concorde to travel around the world on a Charter flight. It would complete 12 further trips in its operation life.


2000 – Jun 11th This charter flight would turn out to be the last time F-BVFF flew. The aircraft was subsequently withdrawn from service for planned maintenance work. After the Paris crash the necessary upgrades were not completed before the announcement to stop Concorde services, and so it was never to fly again.


2000 to 2002 A month before the Concorde accident the aircraft was withdrawn from service to provide parts for F-BTSD, which was completing its D check. Once Sierra-Delta was back in service, work would start on Fox-Fox’s D check.


Work started on the check in April 2002, after the safety modifications were complete on F-BVFA. The aircraft was 60% of the way through its check when it was announced that Concorde services would stop. Work was stopped and the aircraft was cosmetically re-assembled. The necessary upgrades were not completed before this announcement to stop Concorde services, and so it was never to fly again. She was placed on display at Paris CDG.


Aircraft Comments

Final Flight - 11th June 2000 – AF4586 Charter 


Hours Flown - 12,421 Hrs


Landings - 4,259


Supersonic Flights - 3,734


Current Location - Withdrawn from service and on display at CDG airport, Paris

F-BVFF (215) Condition

Because this airframe was mid D Check at retirement it is in a dissassembled state inside, the exterior was rebuilt prior to display at CDG. She looks right but is missing much. The airframe has been outside for many years now so corrosion is a concern however it is regularly cleaned.


We have information that this aircraft will be moved soon, when further information becomes available we will update you.

Pictures of F-BVFF (215)

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