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G-BSST (002) British Prototype

Current registration – G-BSST


Serial Number - 13520


Aircraft Number - 002


Production Variant Number - Prototype and not covered by this Type Certificate, as it did not conform to that standard.


Assembly Location - BAC at Filton, Bristol– (later British Aerospace then BAe Systems)


Maiden Flight - 9th April 1969: Filton to Fairford, England.

RAF Fairford was where it would be based for its development and testing programme until it was replaced by the first of the Pre-Production airframes. The pilot was BAC’s chief test pilot Brian Trubshaw, who made a faultless landing despite the aircraft’s altimeters failing to function. (1st flight of UK prototype Concorde)

Registration history

6th May1968 First Registered as G-BSST to UK Ministry of Technology


Registered as G-BSST to Ministry of Aviation Supply on 19th Feb 1971 


Re-registered as G-BSST to the London Science Museum on 26th July 1976, after they purchase the aircraft for the nation.


Total Flights - 438


Final Flight – 1976 – Mar 4 – Delivered to its final resting place at Yeovilton air museum.


Hours Flown – 836


Landings – 438


Supersonic Flights – 196


Supersonic Hours - 173 Hrs 26 mins


Current Location - Preserved Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, Somerset, England, on behalf of Science Museum



Aircraft history

June 1969: Together with the French prototype, G-BSST visits the Paris Air Show to make its first public appearance.


September 1st 1970: G-BSST appears at the Farnborough Air Show.


September 13th 1970: The aircraft lands at Heathrow Airport for the first time.


November 12th 1970: G-BSST achieves Mach 2 for the first time.


January 6th 1971: The French prototype (F-WTSS) and the first Pre-production aircraft (G-AXDN), join G-BSST for a unique parade at RAF Fairford.


February 7th 1972: First flight since being fitted with the production type undercarriage.


April 22nd 1972: The aircraft’s first appearance in Germany is a visit to the Hanover Air Show.


June 2nd 1972: G-BSST departs from Fairford on a twelve country, 45,000 mile sales tour of the Far East and Australia, returning on 1 July.


September 4th 1972: A week at the Farnborough Air Show is coupled with promotional flights around the country designed to build public support.


January 22nd 1973: G-BSST leaves RAF Fairford for Johannesburg in order to complete a series of ‘hot and high’ performance trials.


July 9th 1973: Temperature and altitude trials start in Madrid.


March 4th 1976: Delivered to its final resting place at Yeovilton air museum

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G-BSST (002) Photo Album

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