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Heritage Concorde - At Risk Airframes

Here is a list of airframes we consider to be "At Risk" 



Concorde G-BOAB at Heathrow.
This Concorde has suffered from the elements for a long time now, she was mid intercheck in 2000 when the crash occurred, British airways did plan to return her to service but were using her to try the project rocket fittings. She never returned to flight because retirement came first.
Since 2003 she has had some of her cockpit stripped for use on G-BBDG at Brooklands, what remained of her interior has been removed and stored at Brooklands for safe keeping out of the damp. She is full of old BA in flight magazines to weigh her down and is reported to be infested with rats, (this has not been confirmed)

She is at one of the busiest airports in europe and because of this she does not have a secure future. Save Concorde Group put together a proposal to save this aircraft and put her on display at Heathrow. So far no further progress has been made.

If no permanent home is found for her we suspect she will end up being either destroyed completely or cut up and stored.


Recently G-BOAB has been moved to the Heathrow paint bay for some TLC off British Airways, we hope to be able to remove this entire page in the coming year so no Concorde airframes are classedas at risk. 

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