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Passenger operations







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“You cannot become blase about flying Concorde. You have to fly it with precision. You are on the edge of space, travelling faster than a rifle bullet”.

                                                                         Captain Mike Bannister – Chief pilot. Concorde Fleet

Concorde first scheduled services

Air Traffic Control of Concorde

B.A. Concorde passenger seating 2001-2003

B.A. Concorde passenger Seating 1993-2001

The Concorde Passenger Experiance

BA  & Air France Concorde Passenger Cabin Interiors

British Airways Flight Crews

Concorde Destinations

British Airways Concorde Passenger Menus

Air France Concorde Passenger Menus

Concorde & the QE2

BA Concorde Cabin Crew and stories

Air France Flight Crews

British Airways & Concorde

BA & Singapore Airlines service 1977 – 1980

Braniff Airways Concorde Operations

Seasonal Schedules & Charter Flights

Project Rocket

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