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Visit Concorde

Concorde is sadly no longer flying, but it is still possible to visit some of the remaining 18 airframes, there are others not open to the public but you can still see them. The wide range of airframes that you can expect to experience as a visitor to a museum covers the whole fleet range, from the very beginnings with the early prototypes, through the further development work with the two pre-production Concordes, then onto the two development production Concordes built for further development work and as the bench mark for the final versions that we all remember so well, the airliner production Concordes of the British Airways and Air France fleets which are also on display, and if after visiting all the Concordes isn’t enough for you.
Why not visit Brooklands Museum in Weybridge near to London, where for a fee you too can fly the UK Concorde Simulator that was used to train all the UK Concorde pilots.

G-BSST the UK's prototype Concorde and the second to fly displayed at Yeovilton UK

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