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Concorde Information & Facts

Is it true to say Concorde was one of the world’s most iconic pieces of design?


“Yes. It was also by far the most complex aircraft, civil or military, to be designed and built when it first flew. Space Shuttle astronauts came to fly with BA Concorde Pilots as they wanted to use Concorde’s reducing speed approach and during this time they commented on the complexity of the aircraft. Concorde was a classic case of essential design making artistic beauty”.

Ian Kirby, Flight Engineer, BA Concorde fleet

Concorde was born out of two separate French and British projects which joined forces in 1962. This partnership led to the British Aircraft Corporation (later British Aerospace, and now BAe Systems) and Aerospatiale (now EADS) of France to build a total of 20 Concordes, and became the foundation stone for the formation of Airbus. This section deals with all the interesting facts and information regarding the world’s only successful supersonic passenger jet.

Concorde Orders & Options

Concorde Facts

Pan Am – evaluation of Concorde

Concorde Production & Construction

       Concorde Timeline

Views from the edge of space

  Concorde, the people’s


Barbara Harmer

Fred Finn

Concordes Most Travelled Passenger

Memories of Concorde at Filton

Concorde Captain Norman Todd

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