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Concorde Model Times Square New York

L&L Tooling was commissioned by British Airways to build this 1/2 scale model of Concorde.


The model is constructed in fibreglass and steel and measures 102 ft long with a 42-ft wing span it  weighs 24,000 lbs.

The finished model was shipped to New York and placed four stories above Times Square and is of Concorde G-BOAA.


The model was removed in 2001, when the lease on the site expired, and it was re-developed. It was donanted to the Cradle of Aviation museum on Long Island where it has remained in storage since 2001. 
The model has been offered to many homes over the years but for various reasons has never actually been accepted, probably because of the costs of moving such a massive model.

Recently the Jack Allen Memorial Museum has been trying to raise the money to provide a new home for the Concorde model in New Jersey.

Images of the model in storage at the Cradle of Aviation Museum, Long Island

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