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Concorde overhead panel (Aft)


This section of the overhead panel covers the following;


1. Flightdeck door and crew communication

2. Lighting controls

3. Fwd Fuel Transfer switch

4. Anti Ice Part 1

5. Engine flight rating controls

6. Emergency Evacuation

7. Fasten Seatbelt and No Smoking Sign control

8. Captains lighting controls

9. Throttle Master

10. Co Pilots lighting control

11. Anti Ice Part 2

12. Auto throttle and engine controls

13. Hydraulic Servo control

14. Relay Jack Jam Control

15. Cockpit Voice Recorder Microphone


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Cockpit Door lock interphone and steward call.

Some changes were made to this panel following the 9/11 attacks, the cockpit door lock switch was fitted and the ground call button moved to the panel below next to the no smoking/fasten seatbelt switches.

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Navigation Lighting Control

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Anti-Ice controls (Part 1)

Pressurization static heater control

Part of the anti-ice system these heaters prevent ice buildup on the pressurization vents/intakes

Air data system anti-ice control

Drain mast anti-ice control

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Engine flight rating

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Emergency Evacuation Controls

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No Smoking / Fasten seatbelts / Ground call

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Cockpit illumination controls (Pilot side)

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Throttle Master Control.

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Cockpit illumination controls (1st Officer side)

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Anti Ice (Part 2) Engine, Wing and Intake

Concorde anti ice system is a combination of electrically heated panels and heaters and heated air systems. See below for detail.

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Autothrottle and engine controls

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Hydraulic Servo Control.

In the event of a PFCU jam fault it is possible to change control of the flight surfaces using the hydraulic control unit seen to the left.  This unit is used in conjunction with the Icovol and Mech Jam indicators as shown below

Here you can see the basic diagram of hydraulic control for the flight surfaces

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Relay jack panel

Fuel forward transfer switch

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Cockpit Voice Reocorder Microphone

This is the Cockpit voice recorder microphone, for production units these microphones were fitted to the roof panel aft section. 


The CVR control unit is on the engineers panel, the unit also incorporates a microphone which was disconnected but is still present. 

CVR Control unit (located on the engineers panel)

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