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Concorde other instruments and controls


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Standby Compass

Standby Compass.jpg
Standby Compass diag.BMP

Cabin Checks 

Used by Flight Engineer (3CM) during pre flight and pre landing checks to indicate cabin secured.
Location RHS of Engineers panel on aft bulkhead

Cabin Secured 1.jpg
Cabin Secured 2.jpg

First and Second Supernumerary Position Controls

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This section of the flightdeck covers the following;

1. Supernumerary 1 Lighting & Audio Selector

2. Supernumerary 1 Windshield Emergency De ice panel 

3. Supernumerary 1 Audio panel

4. Supernumerary 1 Headset panel

5. Supernumerary 1 Oxygen Mask

6. Supernumerary 2 Headset Panel

7. Supernumerary 2 Control panel and misc

Supernum 2.JPG
Concorde Cockpit Additional controls
Concorde Cockpit
Concorde cockpit
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Supernumerary 1 Lighting & Audio selector

Supernumerary 1 Lighting.jpg
Supernumerary 1 Lights.JPG
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Supernumerary 1 Windshield emergency de ice panel

Windscreen emergency de ice1.jpg
Emergency De ice.JPG
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Supernumerary 1 Audio panel

Supernumerary 1 Headset Panel

Headset panel.jpg
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Supernumerary 1 Oxygen Mask

Oxygen Mask 2.jpg
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Supernumerary 2 Headset Panel

Headset panel.jpg
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Supernumerary 2 Control Panel & Misc

Supernumerary 2 & Other.jpg
Supernum 2 Misc.jpg
Oxygen Mask 2.jpg

Supernumerary 2 Document stowage and smoke hood

2020-06-17 15.37.58.jpg
2020-06-17 15.37.53.jpg
Supernum 2 smoke hood.jpg
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