Concorde Center Mid Engineers panel


This section of the engineers panel covers Fuel Management

The panel illustrated immediately to the right is not included on this page, it is located in another section, click on the image to see detail.


Note; Due to the complexity of this section we have used Function of controls rather than location for easy access of information

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This complicated little panel is responsible for the control of fuel to the Concorde fuel tanks, there are 13 fuel tanks numbered 1 to 11 (a standing joke in the Concorde world)

Fuel movement is responsible for correcting 

Concorde's C of G during flight

The Center of gravity on Concorde can move some six metres just by moving fuel around the various tanks, a careful balancng act for the flight engineer


This section will be a long and detailed section on what each part of the panel does rather then how the system works.


Engine Feed


Main Transfer

Main Transfer location

Main Transfer 1a location

Trim Transfer/Refuel


Location on panel

Fuel Quantity and Level 




Jettison and Temperature 


De-Aeration and Low Pressure protection