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Concorde Center Dash Panel

The Concorde center dash panel is located between the Pilots and first officers instruments. It's main purpose was to monitor engine performance.

On take off the flight engineer would be monitoring these instruments to check for correct perfomance of the engines. 


During flight both the Pilot and First officer would monitor this console  should an issue with the engines be evident, some of these instuments are duplicated on the engineers panel.


1. Brake pressure indication

2. Brake warning lights

3. Takeoff monitor control

4. Fuel Contents indication

5. Engine power management lights (engines 1 to 4)

6. N2 indication (engines 1 to 4)

7. N1 indication (engines 1 to 4)

8. Fuel flow indication (engines 1 to 4)

9. EGT (exhaust gas temperature) indication (engines 1 to 4)

10. % Area indication (engines 1 to 4)

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Brake pressure indication

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Landing gear brake pressure indication

Brake warning lights

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Illuminates in the event of a brake failure

Take off monitor control button / Illumination control

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Left - Push arm - arms the clear to go (green) lights for monitoring the engine thrust during takeoff run and providing the reheat selector is at RHT arms the autoselection of the engine contingency rating.

Pull inhibit - disarms the clear to go (green) lights and the auto selection of the contingency rating

Right - Controld brighnessof illumination

Fuel Contents

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Indicates total fuel contents in Kg, Flag indicates power failure to the instrument


Power management lights

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Power management lights are as follows

Green = Clear to go light - indicates the secondary nozzle buckets are positioned within limits

Amber = Configuration light - Indicates loss of reheat thrust, when illuminated with the reverse light indicates that primary nozzle is greater than 15%

Blue = Reverse light - Light flashing indicates that the buckets are in transit, when the light is on indication is that the buckets are closed, when the light is off indication is that the buckets are in the forward thrust range.


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Concorde N2 Instrument

N1 instrument

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Fuel flow instrument

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EGT indication (Exhaust gas temperature)

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Area instrument

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