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Center Console Fwd

Changes were made to this console during service years. 
You will notice several differences between the diagram below and the photograph of G-BOAC to the right.


Please click below for a more detailed description of this panel

1 and 1a. INS Control panels

2 and 2a. Card readers (Removed from production)

                  Replaced with passenger display input unit                   on LHS and panel was moved around on                       the RHS See photo above. 

3. Datum Adjust panel

4. Selcal panel

5. Cabin altitude (removed from production)

6 and 6a Audio panels


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INS Control panels

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INS Card readers (Removed from production)

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This unit was removed for production aircraft and replaced as illustrated in the main picture above and the detail below

Card readers (Above) were removed, part of the panel was used as detail below

Data entry panel for passenger cabin displays

Constructed by Marilake this control panel is for controlling the displays in the passenger cabin


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Datum adjust panel

Datum adjust unit used in conjunction with AFCS control panel.

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Selcal (Selective calling)

Cabin pressure altitude - Replaced with temperature during TCAS modification

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Originally the temperature indicators were on both the main Captins and First officers panels, these were removed and one unit was placed on the Center console Fwd panel as per the photograph above. Cabin altitude was removed from this panel as the indication was duplicated on the Engineers panel

Audio panels

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