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Center Console Aft

Used by all three flightdeck crew

Please click below for a more detailed description of this panel

1. Engine Throttles

2. Reheat Controls

3.Roll Pitch and Yaw trim

4. Windshield Rain dispersal 

5. Standby Nose and visor system

6. Brakes

7 & 7a VHF Radio frequency selection

8. INS (3)

9. Weather radar control unit

10. ATC/TCAS Control

11. ADF (Automatic direction finder) Freq Selection

12. Radio VHF/HF selection 

13. Ground Call

14. Air Data system

15. Standby Landing gear system

16. Emergency nose release handle

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Anchor 12

Engine throttles

Anchor 13

Re-heat controls

Anchor 14

Roll Pitch and Yaw trim

Anchor 15

Rain dispersal control & Baulk Override handle

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Nose and Visor standby system

The nose and visor standby system will lower the nose to 12.5 degrees using the yellow hydraulic system.

When activated a standby nose selector valve is operated and the hydraulic systems are switched from the Green system to the yellow system. 
This is a one off operation for landing only the nose can not be raised using the yellow system and the nose must be "re set" when the aircraft is on the ground.

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Brakes system

Anchor 19

VHF Radio Frequency Selection

Anchor 20

INS System (number 3)

Weather radar control unit

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Anchor 22

ATC / TCAS Control unit

Anchor 23

ADF Frequency Selection panel

Anchor 24

HF Radio Frequency Selection panel

Anchor 26

Lighting test

Anchor 25

Air Data system controls

Anchor 27

Standby Landing gear selection

Anchor 28

Emergency Nose system

The emergency nose release system will lower the visor and drop the nose to 5 degrees when operated.

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