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Fleet air arm museum, Yeovilton. UK

Prototype Concorde G-BSST



Photo: James Coombe

G-BSST (or 002) is the British Protptype Concorde. She first flew in April 1969 and was used in partnership with the French Prototype

F-WTSS (001) to open the test programme and establish the flight envelope. At the conclusion of the test programme the prototypes were stood down and G-BSST was retired to the Fleet Air Arm Museum in 1976 where she remains to this day.

 Visitors are able to view the aircraft from above and below and also walk through the cabin which still contains lots of the test equipment. Finally, the cockpit is visible from behind a perspex screen allowing visitors the opportunity to see first hand how the flight deck design differs from the later pre-production and production aircraft.

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