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Concorde Alpha Foxtrot – Memories of ‘Concorde at Filton’


Alpha Foxtrot made her last stunning landing at Filton Airfield on November 26th 2003, this followed  a take-off from Heathrow under the flight number of BA9020C. The following year she was opened to the public for the purpose of tours.  Over the next few years Andy Treweek and Elizabeth Corsie along with their amazing team of volunteers gave us the very best tours, the most technical of any Concorde exhibit.

Now for reasons stated as required maintenance, ‘Foxy’, Concorde 216,  G-BOAF has been removed from public display by Airbus UK, and in the process have left a lot of Concorde fans totally devastated, none more so than everyone in the team at Filton. For them ‘Foxy’ was like a close friend, one that they have been forced to say goodbye too soon.

This page is meant in some way to show the world what has been lost and as a thank you to everyone involved at ‘Concorde at Filton’. 

Why not add your Memories of ‘Concorde at Filton’ in the comment box below! 

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