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The Civil Aviation Authority & Concorde RTF (Return to flight)


Would the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) support a return to flight for Concorde heritage flight role capacity?

This is the information given to Heritage Concorde concerning this question by the CAA!


The Type Certificate does not apply to a specific airframe, but to any aircraft that conform to the standard specified in the Type Certificate. The Concorde airframes that have the serial numbers 13520 (G-BSST) and 13522 (G-AXDN) are not covered by this Type Certificate, as they did not conform to that standard.


The CAA would be prepared to consider an application for a return to flight for Concorde assuming that the aircraft is a non-EASA type and listed as annex II to commission regulation (EC) 216/2008. The CAA would normally only refuse any such application should it subsequently be established that the applicable requirements could not be satisfied.  Any application would be for the aircraft to re-qualify for the issue of a type certificate to enable the issue of a Certificate of Airworthiness.


To accept an application the applicant would have to demonstrate that a suitable design authority is in place – preferably Airbus, with demonstrated support from  the  engine type certificate holder, which we understand would also need to be re-established and with additional support from other major suppliers such as the undercarriage manufacturer.  The type design authority would need to demonstrate as a minimum, a detailed understanding of the Concorde type certification basis and continued airworthiness requirements for both the design and maintenance requirements.


With respect to continuing airworthiness, particularly with respect to maintenance and continuing airworthiness management, we would also require these functions and tasks to be performed by appropriately approved organisations.


I hope that this information is of some use, and I am sorry that I cannot give detailed responses to your questions.


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