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Concorde Tail Bumper Landing Gear

The retractable tail bumper wheel was designed to protect the rear of Concorde during takeoff and landing, since she needed a high angle of attack to optimise lift from her delta wing.

The prototypes and pre-production Concordes had a sort of tail bumper or skid, and this type of tail landing gear was used as a replacement. Should the tail wheels touch the ground on landing, and its shock absorber compress, then the first point of contact is actullally the lower part of the secondary nozzles as they translate to the reverse thrust position.    In fact you can see a repair to a secondary nozzle on Concorde G-BOAF at Filton. There is no free-fall release for the tail landing gear.

Tail bumper wheel facts

Number of wheel on the bogie – 2

Direction of retraction – Rearwards

Brakes – None fitted

The emergency Operation of the Tail bumper – None

Normal operation – Hydraulic system (Green)


1, Actuating cylinder:

2, Universal joint:

3, Brace yoke:

4, Rocker arm:

5, Spring rod:

6, Leg door:

7, Roller:

8, Shock absorber:

9, Slde doors:

10, Cam lever

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