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Museum of flight. 

9404 E. Marginal Way South, Seattle 98108



British Airways Concorde G - BOAG



Concorde G-BOAG is now housed undercover in the new pavilion building at The Museum of Flight. Concorde can be seen alongside other iconic aircraft including a the first ever 747, The First Air Force One aircraft and a prototype 787 Dreamliner


Alpha Golf flew supersonically on her last flight, completing the trip from New Year to Seattle in under 4 hours. During this retirement flight she flew at Mach 2 over Canada and set a new record for the fastest flight from the East to West Coast of the United States.

Concorde is open for musuem visitors daily, the Cabin of G-BOAG is protected by perspex which means her interior is in good condition, access to the cockpit is restricted to museum staff only 


The museum plans to fully enclose all of the aircraft in the pavilion by adding glass panels to the sides of the building in the future. Concorde is fully dehumidified and is in good condition inside. 

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