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Concorde Passenger seating 1976 to 1992 (also includes development prior to service)

Development and start of service

During the development of Concorde cloth seats similar to the ones fitted to the BAC 1-11 were fitted to the aircraft, Test aircraft G-AXDN, G-BBDG then the entire fleet had these seats fitted. When Concorde entered service these seats were standard for airline service of the time.

Concorde Engineer John Dunlevy on board G-AXDN during flight testing

In service cabin mockup at Flambards, Cornwall, UK

In the 1980's these interiors were looking dated, so between 1983 and 1985 BA upgraded the seats inside the 7 fleet aircraft to include more modern leather seats. These seats were more in line with the high class service BA wanted to run with Concorde, the new seats would be covered in Leather and hard wearing cloth. Not many images exist of these seats in service but they served the airline well and lasted until replacement in 1992

In service photo of the 1980's interior on board Concorde

Sets of these seats can only be seen at Duxford and Brooklands making them very rare indeed

In service photo of the 1980's interior on board Concorde

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