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National Museum

of Flight Scotland

East Fortune Airfield,

East Lothian,

EH39 5LF Scotland. UK

British Airways Concorde G-BOAA



G-BOAA was the first British Concorde to enter passenger service and in retirement she became the first British Concorde to be displayed indoors.

The aircraft is well presented and safely housed in a Hangar on the East Fortune site. Museum tickets include access to Concorde.

Visitors board via the midship door and are free to walk through the front cabin complete with the 1990's interior the aircraft was fitted with when she last flew in August 2000. Before leaving the aircraft via the front left door you can view the flight deck from behind a perspex door.

A short film in the adjacent theatre accompanies the walkthrough of the aircraft and complimentary audio guides are available. The Hangar is complimented by an interesting Concorde exhibition including some of the planned Project Rocket interior fixtures that were sadly never fitted.

A retired Red Arrows Hawk T1 Aircraft is also displayed in the hangar with Concorde.

Photographs James Coombe
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