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Heritage Concorde - Past Projects


Since it's formation in 2010 Heritage Concorde engineers have been working on various projects, Once projects are fully completed and over 1 year old they are added to this archive, please take a look around. 

Landing light gif.gif
Landing and Navigation Lights
2015-02-24 12.35.25.jpg

See how Heritage Concorde reactivated the external lights on

G-AXDN at Duxford

2015-02-24 12.06.17.jpg
2015-04-21 12.53.25_edited.jpg
Project Refresh

Initially this project was designed to give a little life to the tired exhibit at Duxford however it has turned out to be so much more with us working alongside Duxford Aviation Society who now display one of the best Concorde exhibits in the world

Click the button to read about the original project and see how it has turned into a fantastic display
Heritage Concorde Project Return to light

Heritage Concorde are serious about restoration. This project started during 2013 the aim was to return the cockpit of G-AXDN back to life by illuminating the instruments among other tasks

Project Leader Graham Cahill

Chief Engineer John Dunlevy
Click on the image above to find out more.

Heritage Concorde Project Flagship

Heritage Concorde, Is the home of Project Flagship. It tells the story of how Heritage Concorde engineers restored the electrical systems of Concorde G-BOAC back to life, replaced the broken curved visor panel, and carried out a series of other repairs to this Concorde at Manchester during 2011- Project Leader Steve De Sausmarez
Click on the image above to find out more.

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