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Concorde Nose and Visor placards / markings

During a visit to one of the Concordes you are sure to notice some of the many placards and markings covering the airframe. This section deals with the location and identification of placards and markings on the nose and visor.

Placards and markings are painted by hand or with the use of stencils. They include indication of ground service points, emergency break-in areas and no step areas.The Placards and markings on the aircraft include those that are mandatory by government regulations, and ones that provide information for locating, operating and of course maintenance purposes. Some will also include warnings and safety instructions.

Painted areas of the aircraft, other than those areas covered by airline colour schemes, utilize a colour code system to immediately identify the purpose of the placard or marking.

The colour code is detailed below:


BLACK– Instruction

RED – Warning or caution

YELLOW – Background (where colour contrast is required).

ORANGE - Indication of structural areas which could sustain damage during ground movement

GREEN- Interior disarm labels (Not covered in this section)

The repair or re-application of exterior painted information must use colours based on Concorde Material (CM) 033, in accordance with the instructions in the Maintenance Manual.


Serial Number Identification of Assemblies Serial number identification is provided to ensure the continuity of the modification records on all the airframe assemblies which can be overhauled, and is applied to individual identification plates, or painted or inked where appropriate.

The labels also indicate the assembly and spare assembly numbers and the manufacturer of the assembly.

The location of placards and markings are detailed on the pictures below:

(A) Pilots instruments pitot/static.

(B) ADCI and ADC2 pitots.

(C) Nose indicator unit warning.

(D) Visor detachable panel opening restriction.

(E) Radome restraint warning.

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