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John Dunlevy – Concorde Avionics Engineer

John Dunlevy – Former British Airways Concorde engineer.


John studied Aircraft Electrical Systems at Bristol Aeroplane Technical College for a five year period culminating in an Aircraft Electrical Technicians Final Certificate and HNC.

He was also involved with the initial assembly and design of the Air Intake Control System Units at the Guided Weapons Division in Bristol.


John known as JD, was also at Moses Lake, onboard Concorde G-AXDN for the aircraft De-Icing Trials, and holds a certificate as one of the earliest pioneers of Supersonic (Presented by Brian Trubshaw)

John has been connected with Concorde since 1965, when he became an apprentice with the Bristol Aeroplane Company and streamed for test flight avionics and production avionics. He Specialized in the aircraft air Intake development at Fairford on the prototype and preproduction Concordes, and was involved with the British prototype 002 tours and British pre-production 101 endurance flying. He left Fairford in 1977 to join British Airways.


John was also involved with the return to flight following the post Paris Crash modifications. He continues to work with Concorde as part of the Heritage Concorde engineering team. He remains the longest serving British Concorde engineer, with more years spent working on the aircraft type than any other engineer.


More recently he headed our Heritage Concorde - Return to Light Project, he also completed all the electrical work on Heritage Concorde - Project Salute which saw the first nose move in the UK since 2003. 

Gallery of John Dunlevy, Concorde Engineer

John Dunlevy was featured in the Haynes Manual (above) Right you can see John's write up. 

The Haynes Manual is essential reading for the Concorde Enthusiast, it contains much information about Concorde and retails for around £22 from all good book stores.

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