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Ian Mosdell – B1 Concorde Engineer

Ian Mosdell – British Airways B1 certified aircraft engineer


Ian Mosdell is one of the few engineers that have remained at British Airways following the grounding of Concorde in 2003. Ian played a major role in the post 2000 Concorde modifications; he was also the main engineer working for Heritage Concorde Project Flagship. This project also saw life returned to BA Concorde G-BOAC, and without this man Heritage Concorde Project Flagship would never have taken place, he was the one member of the team that we couldn’t have done without. Since Project Flagship Ian has remained a member of the Core team at Heritage Concorde and continues to be one of the few engineers who still carries out engineering works to Concorde.

More recently Ian was the chief engineer on Heritage Concorde - Project Salute which saw the first Concorde nose move in the UK since 2003.


“When I first got to work on the Concorde, she wasn’t very old but always troublesome, the difference between Concorde and the Boeings/Airbus, is like the difference between say a Bugatti and a Ford Mondeo”


Ian Mosdell, BA Concorde Engineer

Gallery of Ian Mosdell, B1 Concorde Engineer

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