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Concorde Hydraulic Pipe Line Clamp Blocks


Pipe clamp blocks were produced by the aircraft manufacturer; these clamp blocks secure the hydraulic pipe lines in the engine air intake and engine zones. Each pipe clamp is different, but similar types are grouped together, details of this can be seen in pictures 1 and 2 below.

The clamp blocks, which are of varying types and sizes, accommodate varying numbers of pipes; they are made of aluminium alloy with bonded Viton half-bushes. The interior face of each bush is lined with sintered P.T.F.E. tape 0.005 in (0.13 mm) thick.

Clamp blocks are manufactured as matched pairs and have to be retained as such. The use of unmatched clamp blocks, with the possibility of misaligned holes, could result in damaged bushes or hydraulic pipes. Misalignment between clamp blocks at pipe location holes must not exceed 0.005 in (0.13 mm).

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