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Concorde Prototype & Pre-Production equipment racking

Racking to accommodate electrical and electronic equipment i s located
in the flight compartment, under floor and in the forward and
rear vestibule as shown left.
The racks are designed to accommodate equipment of standard air transport racking sizes, which is mounted on removable shelves or in
modules on the shelves, located at the rear by connectors and secured at the front by hold-down screw assemblies or latch handles.
The shelves are positioned on runners and secured to the racking by bolts
at each side. 
Electrical connections to the majority of units are made via junction boxes at the rear which are integral with each shelf. The connections from the aircraft wiring are made via plugs and receptacles on the junction box lid.

Flight Compartment (Flight Deck) layout

Above : A typical racking layout

Above : Racking panels

Above : A typical racking installation

Flight Compartment racking contents

Rear Fuselage Racking

Above : Racking panels

Above : A typical racking installation

Rear Fuselage racking contents

Underfloor Racking (INS) Installation

Underfloor racking contents

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