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Concorde Passenger Operations

“You cannot become blase about flying Concorde. You have to fly it with precision. You are on the edge of space, travelling faster than a rifle bullet”.

                                                                         Captain Mike Bannister – Chief pilot. Concorde Fleet

During what was almost 28 supersonic years of Concorde, every flight was an occasion, an experience to savor, a chance to reflect on Man’s ingenuity, on the sophisticated engineering and breathtaking technology that could take you soaring high, into the dark blue of the stratosphere, on the edge of space, in comfort, in peerless style. Yet for all its glamour, Concorde was far more than a status symbol. Those who flew this famous aircraft were people of distinction in business, in government, in the arts. They flew Concorde because they valued their time, because quite simply it made sound business sense. The standard return fare from London to New York in 2003 was £6,636


When time was of the essence, Concorde proved itself indispensable. Taking the morning flight from Heathrow westbound to the USA, passengers reached their destination before they took off: while eastbound flights to London arrived the same day and in good time for onward connections. Priority treatment was given to the passengers on the ground as a further hallmark of the Concorde experience. Discrete check-in facilities were complemented by dedicated customer service staff, Concorde was the supreme expression of aeronautical excellence for its passengers, and has been assured of its landmark status in the annals of civil aviation.

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