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Concorde Ice Protection Systems


All of Concordes data sensing probes and the flight deck windows, plus the glazed panels of the visor are heated electrically. One point is that during refueling stops in wintry weather and after a supersonic flight there is enough deep heat within the airframe structure to prevent the heaviest snowfall from sticking, it would simply of melted and fallen off



Engine anti-ice

Whenever the engines are running and the visibility is less than 1,000 metres with a temperature with is below +3C the engine anti-ice must be switched on: hot air is bled from the HP engine compressor delivery and ducted round the five entry-guide-vanes and engine nose bullet.



Airframe anti-ice

The four engine air-intake leading edges, rear ramp leading edges, spill doors and wing leading edges from the front of the intakes to the wing roots are all heated electrically on Concorde

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The red arrow points to the black area on the wing root, which is part of the ice protection system

The black areas of the wing which are pointed out in red are part of the ice protection system. 

Here you can see the ice protection system around the engine air intakes pointed out in red

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