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Concorde Emergency Oxygen Systems


Two emergency oxygen systems are provided for Concorde, one for the flight crew and one for the passengers and cabin crew. The two systems are completely independent and employ gaseous oxygen from storage cylinders. There is however an interconnect facility which allows the flight crew system to draw on the cabin supply. In addition portable cylinders are located in the flight deck and in the passenger cabin.


Crew System


The flight deck oxygen supply is the pressure breathing, diluter-demand type. Oxygen from a high pressure storage cylinder is reduced to a lower pressure and supplied to the crew stations.

A regulator supplies the oxygen mask on demand up to a cabin altitude of 32,000 feet. Above this altitude the oxygen mask is supplied with undiluted oxygen at a progressively increasing pressure according to the cabin altitude, irrespective of the regulator switch position.

A quick donning oxygen mask is supplied for each crew member. It has an individual stowage box and is automatically supplied with oxygen after withdrawal

Passenger System


Three interconnected bottles supply the cabin through a passenger system control panel. A pressure regulator supplies oxygen to the passenger distribution system at a normal pressure of 40 psi and an emergency pressure of 90 psi.

The normal pressure of 40 psi is manually selected and used for therapeutic supply and is supplied to the passengers via a therapeutic supply point in the mask stowage.

The emergency pressure of 90 psi is automatically selected when the cabin altitude exceeds 14,000 feet and causes the automatic presentation of all mask units in the cabin. Oxygen will flow continuously when the mask is pulled to the users face. There is a twin mask unit and a triple mask unit at each seat row, a twin mask unit in each toilet and a mask at each cabin crew station

Portable Oxygen


One portable oxygen set is positioned in the flight deck and one set for each cabin crew is positioned in the cabin.

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