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Citroen DS5 Concorde


Some of you might recall that, decades age, the original Citroen DS stared is a special photo shoot with the Concorde aircraft. Now this theme is being brought back through a new shoot, but using the fresh DS5.

The photos were taken at Le Bourget Airport, France by Laurent Niva, a photographer at Citroën Styling, with the project being initiated by ‘C-Forum’ Citroen fan club and representing an artistic way of expressing admiration for the DS5’s aviation-inspired design.

Here’s what the French carmaker has to say about the DS5: “With pilot-style overhead switches inspired by plane cockpits, a head-up display and a roof divided into three light wells, the aviation design cues are clear to see. Immaculate attention to detail and authentic premium materials also ensure an immediate impression of quality and refinement.”

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