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APPLICANT: British Airways





British Airways Modification 25F 243

Enhancement of Concorde Main Passenger and Galley Areas


1. Introduction

The applicant has raised this omnibus modification to include the modifications required for the enhancement of the Concorde main passenger cabin and galley areas. This was originally going to be cleared under AAN 23819 to clear Mod 33F078 Cabin Ceiling Lighting, and the remainder on Addendum 1 to AAN 23819. However Addendum 1 was raised to clear Mod 25F260 New Seat Installation, as this was required to be installed on an in-service aeroplane. Hence this Addendum 2 to AAN 23819 covers the remaining modifications included under omnibus Modification 25F243.

Issue 2 of this Addendum was raised to correct and complete Issue 1 which was transmitted to cover the issue of a Permit to Fly for Test Purposes on 8th June 1993, and to extend the approval to cover installation on Concorde Aeroplanes operating under the conditions of a C of A in the Transport Category (Passenger).

This Issue 3 to AAN 23819 Addendum 2 has been raised to cover the incorporation of

Henshall SB 278 which calls for an additional latch to the waste door on Galley G7. The modification has been raised to Issue G to include this feature as part of BA Mod No. 25F240, Galley refurbishment.

2. Description of Modification

This omnibus modification incorporates a number of modifications which are described below:

Mod No 25F260: New Seat Installation. See Addendum 1 to this AAN.

Mod No 33F078: Cabin Ceiling Lighting. See AAN 23819.

The remaining modifications described below are all cleared under this Addendum 2 to AAN 23819.


25F240 Concorde Galley Refurbishment: Classified Major

This Mod removes existing G2, G4 and the FWD cabin amenity stowage and discards.

New G2, G4 and cabin amenity stowages have been designed and manufactured by

Hensalls Ltd. See Henshalls Mod No HEN 367 which is approved under AAN 23717

G7 has been removed and reworked to accept the installation of Rumbold Bev Maker and Aerolux Warming Compartment.

Installation of new insert equipment is not covered by the above AAN and is as follows:-

Description Vendor Part No. CAA Approval

DOUBLE OVEN RUMBOLD 61074-001-001 SA01097


{64759-1 SA58

{64751-1 SA58


The CAA granted a concession for the Double Oven and Warming Compartment to be used on passenger carrying services until 31 July 1993, (letter reference: 9/214/V1684/GBOAF dated 11 June 1993).


25F244 Iss C Installation of Extended Overhead Bins: Classified Major

Replaces 44 off existing overhead baggage bins with bins extended inboard laterally to increase volumetric capacity. (Max stowage weight allowed in bins is reduced to take account of increased empty weight).

The weight increase per aircraft set will be revised at Issue D to 14.5 Kg reflecting the weight of the first production set.

Stress and flammability requirements are covered by Fliteform Mod AF 915 as specified on sheet 2 of Omnibus Mod 25F243. Fliteform Mod AF915 is approved under AAN


25F245 Iss C Installation of Pax Cabin light Lenses

This Mod completely removes the transverse denticular (Tooth like) light lenses and replaces the 24 off longitudinal light lenses above the overhead bins with lenses made from new material (Opal polycarbonate F6) which has improved translucency and yellowing resistance otherwise the form remains the same.

The adjacent ceiling infill panels which supported the denticular lenses are removed to have slots filled and Tedlar surface replaced before refitting. The overall weight change is

a reduction of 9 Kg per A/C.

Flammability requirements are covered by Fliteform Mod AF 915 as specified on sheet 2 of Omnibus Mod 25F243. This modification is also approved under AAN 23767.


25F246 Iss B Installation of Entry Way Ceiling Lights

This is the fitment of a more aesthetic lens cover to replace the rectangular ones existing in each vestibule area ceiling (4 places). The material from which these are made is opal polycarbonate F6 as for the longitudinal light lenses (Mod 25F245).

Flammability requirements are covered by Fliteform Mod AF 915 as specified on sheet 2 of Omnibus Mod 25F243, and is also approved under AAN 23767.


25F247 Iss A Vestibule Door FWD/CENTRE/AFT

This Mod replaces the decorative Tedlar materials on all longitudinal vertical walls of toilets, wardrobes and galleys in each of the three vestibule areas. It also covers decoration of the athwartship vertical forward facing face of the rearmost galley and its adjacent stowages.

Previously painted extruded edge members of associated units are to be re-finished using approved ICI paint ref: F427-3020 + activator F210-746 + thinner 851-808.

The new Tedlar (Polyplastex BAPP FX6 CON 03-1) complies with CAA spec 8 and JAR

25.853, and is the same material as that used on the Henshall galleys, fire test report

FTP/NMM/5961 refers.


25F248 Iss A Revised Bulkhead Decor

This Mod replaces decorative Tedlar materials on all athwartships vertical walls of galleys, toilets and wardrobes facing the rearmost galleys and adjacent stowages.

Previously painted extruded edge members of associated units are to be re-finished using approved ICI paint ref: F427-3019 + activator F210-746 + thinner 851-808.

The new Tedlar (Polyplastex BAPP FX6 CON 02-1) complies with CAA spec 8 and JAR

25.853, and is the same material as that used on Henshall galleys, fire test report

FTP/NMM/5961 refers.

25F249 Iss A Pax Cabin Ceiling Repaint

The Mod removes ceiling panels from passengers cabin and vestibule areas and re-paints them before re-fitting using ICI paint ref F427-3951 + activator F210-746 + thinner 851-


Some areas adjacent to rearmost galley where panels are not readily removed are brush painted using acrylic paint ICI ref PP407c9081×1L.


25F250 Iss A Mirrors/Toilets/Vase Installation

Old bronze tinted mirrors will be replaced with chrome mirror of identical material (ie

Mitsubishi AK 1103) no weight changes.

Toiletries holder consists of an open topped box 2″ deep approx 7½” long and 5¾” wide manufactured from polyester glass cloth and Nomex core finished in imitation marble gel coat. It is restrained on the shelf above the sink by plug-in studs. Flammability Data

Sheet No. 10-298 issued by Hunting Aircraft Ltd, refers.

The vase is fitted to one of the mirrors using double sided self adhesive tape this method is identical to that already used on 747 first class toilets.


25F251 Iss A Refurbishment of Door Surrounds

This involves various items such as fairings, close out flaps, pads etc associated with the pax doorways and emergency escape slide packs at doors 1 & 2 L & R. The materials used comply with CAA Spec 8.


25F252 Iss A Enhancement of Pull Down Tables

These are returned to original manufacturers (fliteform) to restore paint finish to original standard. The pull down tables is situated on bulkheads at stns 532 & 1015.


25F255 Iss B Refurbishment of Trim Strips Inbd of PSU’s

These are painted strips 3″ wide situated between the PSU’s and Overhead bins which are chipped and blistered. They cannot readily be removed from the aircraft.

The strips are therefore covered in situ in white Tedlar (Polyplastex FX 6-CO-PSA/319), as used on other areas of the aeroplane.


38F083 Mod to Pressure Reducing Valve

New beverage makers require higher potable water pressure to operate. The pressure reducing valve is fitted with internal replacement items (eg spring and spacer), and reidentified to convert as necessary.

25F401 Iss A Linen Towel Dispenser for Toilets

This Mod provides a redesigned towel dispenser made by Metair in each toilet to left of hand basin to replace existing dispenser. Applicable flammability Data Sheets No’s 10- 301/302 issued by Hunting Aircraft Ltd refer.


25F295 New PSU’s

This Mod provides new PSU’s manufactured by Hella (Germany), specifically for Concorde. The modification does not change the aircraft wiring or power distribution system. The opportunity has been taken to add new PA system speakers at the rear of the forward and aft cabins. This is to improve the existing PA system which meets CAA Spec 15 on the ground but not in supersonic cruise. A non-conditional concession has been granted by the CAA to allow continued operation. A RASTI test is to be completed after installation.

The Technical Statement Ref EEG.2.AEM.2382 M2-14 is acceptable to the CAA. DDP’s

007 284-01/-02 (PSU), 007 285-01/-02 (loudspeaker panel) and 007 286-00/05 (oxygen cover and mounting parts) also refer. The materials used in the modified units comply with JAR 25.853, AN61 and CAA Spec 8 where applicable. The new PSU installation reduces the electrical load to that previously due to improved Halogen filaments which provide more light for less power.


3. Certification Basis

The certification basis used for the approval of these modifications is CAA Spec 8 as a minimum standard for the flammability aspects and Airworthiness Notice No 99 for the galley inserts.


4. Technical Investigation

The applicant has confirmed that the requirements referred to above and other applicable requirements have been complied with, where appropriate and this has been accepted by the CAA.

Similarly the applicant has confirmed that the electrical load analysis has not been exceeded.


5. Technical Publications

The Flight Manual and Approved Servicing Schedule are not affected by this omnibus modification. The maintenance manual and wiring diagrams are being amended accordingly.

6. Weight and Balance

The basic weight and C G position are affected by this modification. The changes are covered by calculation and the Weight and Balance Manual has been amended accordingly.


7. Inspection

The aeroplane, when inspected by the CAA, was found to conform to the applicants

drawings and data and was considered to be satisfactory.


8. Approval

This omnibus modification No 25F243 is approved at Issue G for installation on Concorde aeroplanes. The individual modifications referred to in this AAN are also approved to be installed on their own or in any combination in Concorde aeroplanes.

J G Wraith


For the Civil Aviation Authority

Date 24th August 1995


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