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G-BOAB – Modification No. 082 Replacement Toilet Compartments


CAA NOTE: G-BOAB – Replacement Toilet Compartments




APPLICANT: Metair Aircraft Limited


AIRCRAFT TYPE: Concorde Type 1 Variant 102






Modification No. 082


Replacement Toilet Compartments


The applicant has raised this modification to provide the operator, British Airways, with sets of three replacement toilet compartments, part numbers 33-80-1, 2 and 3.


Each compartment consists of fore and aft walls, outboard wall and roof, and an inboard face incorporating a bi-fold door. A vanity unit is mounted on one of the lateral walls of each compartment and this includes a waste compartment.


The original toilet pan is retained but new top and facing panels are provided.


The compartments are secured to the aircraft by four floor fittings and two upper spigots as per the original units.


The new units, weighing approximately 130 lbs, are approximately 12 lb lighter than those replaced and hence the interface loads are accepted as being lower and therefore satisfactory.


The applicant has certificated the strength of the compartments on the basis of comparison with the original structure via Stress Report SR 052.


The units are manufactured from Fibrelam LS sandwich panels with light alloy edge members.


All materials used in construction have been certified as being in compliance with CAA Specification No. 8 Issue 2. The outside surfaces of the compartment walls, including the bi-fold doors, have been tested to show compliance with the heat release requirements of CAA Airworthiness Notice No. 61. The testing was carried out at Metairs own test facility and the specimens were within the65/65 heat release standard. (Metair report TR 086 refers).


An existing smoke detector is relocated in the roof of the new compartments as are passenger address speakers.


A satisfactory test has been conducted to show compliance with the fire containment requirements of CAA Airworthiness Notice No. 83. The applicants Report No. QC 222 refers. A Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd extinguisher system has been installed in association with the waste compartment.


Each compartment is fitted with internal and external ash trays and placards to prohibit smoking.


A set of units has been inspected in the aeroplane to the details contained in the applicant’s Modification Summary Sheet No. 082 Issue 1 and are hereby approved for installation into this BAe Concorde and any other of similar build and equipment standard in the areas concerned.






For the Civil Aviation Authority


Date 13 April 1989


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