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British Airways Modification Number EOC-CON-034G286 / Installation of AlliedSignal RDR-4B Weather Radar System to the whole BA fleet


CAA NOTE: BA Fleet – Installation of AlliedSignal RDR-4B Weather Radar System




APPLICANT: British Airways PLC


AIRCRAFT TYPE: Concorde Type 1 Variant 102








British Airways Modification No. EOC-CON-034G286


Installation of AlliedSignal RDR-4B Weather Radar System


1. Introduction


Due to obsolescence of the AVQ-30X weather radar, a new Concorde weather radar is required. A trial of the AlliedSignal RDR-4B Radar has been successfully completed under cover of trial modification 34D491 on registration G-BOAA. Modification BA EOC-CON-


034G286 formalises the new radar fitment on G-BOAA and the rest of the Concorde fleet.


It should be noted that the predictive wind shear capability provided by the RDR-4B has been disabled for this modification.


2. Requirement Basis


BCAR Section R4-6 with Appendix No. 5.


3. Description


The original modification was re-certificated with the FAA to meet the Concorde operating environmental limits and approved by the CAA under VC 371. An adapter tray for the T/R is used and minor system wiring changes are required to replace the RCA AVQ 30X radar system presently used on the Concorde fleet.


A complete system description is contained in British Airways Technical Statement Doc ref.




Description Type Part Number Quantity


Transceiver Unit RTA-4B 066-50008-0406 2


R/T Mount MBA-4B 2041214-0410 1


Indicator PPI-4B 2041222-0401 2


Control Panel CON-4B 2041220-1413 1


Scanner Drawing ASO4-61643 1


Antenna Drive DAA-4A 2041444-0404 1


Antenna REA-4B 2041446-0401 1


Antenna & Drive assembly – 4-61643 1


3.1 Interchangeability Data


Receiver-Transmitter: Type RTA-4B, P/N 066-50008-0406 may be replaced by


Type RTA-4B, P/N 066-50008-0405 or


Type RTA-4A, P/N 066-2041217-0422.


Control Panel: Type CON-4B, P/N 2041220-1413 may be replaced by


Type CON-4B, P/N 2041220-0406.


Indicator: Type PPI-4B, P/N 2041222-3401 may be replaced by


Type PPI-4B, P/N 2041222-0401 or


Type PPI-4B, P/N 2041222-0403.


The technical differences between equipment alternatives listed above are minor and are


described in BA Technical Statement ESA.101.HCW.1743.


The receiver-transmitter’s referred to above are all CAA approved under VC 00371.


4. Investigation


The original modification 34D491 was covered by BA Technical Statement Ref. EEG.2.-


HCW.1430/M2.14 is satisfactory and meets CAA airworthiness requirements.


The AlliedSignal RDR-4B has been installed on this aircraft for a number of months on a trial evaluation. This evaluation is now complete and British Airways wish to formally convert the trial installation into a production modification.


5. Ground Test


The performance and EMI tests were satisfactory and the results are detailed in BA report


ESA.101.HCW1819. Note: EMI testing was performed using PPI 2041222-0401 only. An addendum to BA report ESA.101.HCW1819 will be issued at a later date to reflect EMI testing with PPI 2041222-3401 when the equipment is available.


6. Flight Test


The first scheduled flight after the original modification was satisfactory.


The test flight for the modification covered by the trial modification was also satisfactory and the results are detailed in BA report ESA.101.HCW1818.


7. Flight Manual


No change was required for the original modification, but crew operating procedures are covered by instructions from Flight Manager’s Technical (FMT’s )Office


The modification covered by this AAN also required no changes to the Flight Manual. The crew operating instructions are covered in instructions in the FMT’s Office


8. Master Minimum Equipment List


The original modification required no change to be made to the MMEL.


The modification covered by this AAN also requires no change to be made to the MMEL.


9. Limitations and Concessions




10. Approval


This modification is approved for embodiment on this aircraft and any other aircraft of the same type and series.






For the Civil Aviation Authority


Date 16 June 1999


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