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Brooklands Museum

 Brooklands Road Weybridge Surrey. KT13 0QN. UK

UK Production development Aircraft




G-BBDG is one of only two Concorde airframes in the UK and three in the world to have a functional droop nose, the restoration team have spent more than two years restoring the nose to working order.

The restoration work on G-BBDG was an amazing achievement by the Brooklands team; it meant that they had to acquire parts from BA which included some interior fittings, and other items such as flight deck instruments. They were also able to acquire the full forward passenger cabin fittings which had been removed from Concorde G-BOAB at Heathrow by BA sometime earlier while they were carrying out works for Project Rocket. Brooklands also had to have some replacements parts manufactured to complete the restoration to the aircraft.


Brooklands offer one of the most immersive experiences of Concorde anywhere in the world. A team of passionate and knowledgeable guides conduct 35 minute tours of the aircraft which include an exterior walkround, Rear cabin exhibition and a virtual flight in the front cabin. A small extra charge applies for the Concorde Experience and we recommend booking a time slot as soon as you arrive at the museum. 

In addition to the regular daily experience tours, Brooklands also run many premium Concorde events, including Techincal tours, Mach 2 for Tea, Champagne Days and Concorde Simulator Flights. Full details and booking information can be found on the Brooklands Concorde website.


The famous G-CONC BA Concorde model which was once a common site for millions of visitors to Heathrow has been faithfully restored by the Brooklands team and is now on display as gate guardian at the museum. 


This museum is well worth a visit and a full day out really should be planned to see all the exhibits at this amazing museum, Brooklands has really become the centre of Concorde in the UK, if not the world today. 


Map image above copyright Brooklands Museum

Museum visitor review written by Darren Pollard

Concorde delta-golf arrived at the Brooklands Museum in 2004 having been transported on the back of a number of trucks. After years of neglect at Filton, Concorde enthusiasts spent many hours reconstructing delta-golf and gave her a resting place she so rightly deserved and to give the public the chance to experience and enjoy a very special aircraft.


Although never put into passenger operation, delta-golf was the first Concorde to carry 100 people at Mach 2, twice the speed of sound. Delta-golf was used to prove air-worthiness, allowing the production fleet to operate passenger services.

I have had the pleasure of visiting Brooklands no less than six times, two of which were to participate in the Concorde Silver Flight experience. The detailed tour of the aircraft, given by knowledgeable former BAC/BA employees (who worked on the design and construction of Concorde at Brooklands) gives it an authentic first-hand “feel”.


The tour begins on a BA bus parked next to Concorde, where you are greeted by the tour guide. You then walk underneath Concorde where the tour guide provides a short technical talk, before boarding the aircraft at the rear through the old cargo door. The back of the cabin is decorated with history, facts and TV screens showing historical footage of the Brooklands Concorde – I won’t spoil it for you! The front cabin of delta-golf wears the interior of a British Airways Concorde in service throughout the 1980’s – 1990’s. You are invited by former Chief Captain, Mike Bannister, to relax and sit back as you taxi from London Heathrow airport in a simulated flight. There is a chance to photograph the flight deck of delta-golf – access is restricted to employees and those who attend the special simulator package days. Finally, you will leave the aircraft where so many famous people boarded.


The Brooklands museum has really done delta-golf justice, not just with the restoration project, but with the personal knowledge and stories of those who worked on Concorde, making this a place to see what all the fuss was, and still is, about!

Concorde simulator at Brooklands

The Brooklands Museum Concorde Simulator first entered service in 1975 as one of just two in the world and cost approximately £3 million, equivalent to some £20 million at today’s prices. One of the most sophisticated aircraft simulators ever created, it was installed at the British Aircraft Corporation in Filton, near Bristol, and for 28 years was used to train British Airways Concorde aircrew. When Concorde operations ceased at the end of 2003, British Airways decommisioned the simulator and, a year later, it was dismantled and transported to Brooklands Museum

As a result of a three year project funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and led by a team of volunteers from the Museum and the University of Surrey, along with the expert assistance of XPI Simulation, this unique piece of aviation technology can be flown again as a fixed-base unit – the only operational Concorde Simulator in the world.

Visitors may see the Concorde Simulator in demonstration mode free of charge, subject to operational constraints. Brooklands also offer special ‘At the Controls of Concorde’ packages, which include flying the Concorde Simulator under instruction from a British Airways Concorde pilot.

‘At the Controls’ Silver Flights include a briefing by your Concorde Captain, a Concorde Experience ‘flight’ on G-BBDG, one hour in the simulator including 15 minutes at the controls, instruction by your Concorde Captain and a Concorde Simulator Certificate signed by the Captain. Prices are available from the website and gift certificates are available.

‘At the Controls’ Gold Flights are as for Silver Flights plus a Bucks Fizz Welcome Reception with the Captain in the Members’ Bar in the Clubhouse, a three course Captain’s Lunch with wine and soft drinks and two hours in the simulator including 30 minutes at the controls. The price is available from the website and gift certificates are available.



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