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Anthony Allan McLeod - British Airways Concorde Engineer

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Mr Anthony Allan McLeod, was a British Airways Concorde Licensed Aircraft Engineer who was based at LHR. He was apprenticed by De Havilland in Germany after the war, joined BOAC working on Comets and moved to Concorde from there. Anthony flew on the final flight to Filton in 2003 and retired immediately after that flight. Sadly, he died in 2013, but he loved his work and was extremely passionate about the aircraft. He had a house in Sunbury-on-Thames just off the LHR flight path and if he was not at work he would stand in the garden to watch Concorde fly over the house on her way to JFK. You could hear her even if you could not see her! There is a photograph of Anthony and a colleague working on Concorde on the cover of the BA Engineering magazine, Aug 92 Edition.

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