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Concorde AFCS Additional Components

Attitude Direction Indicator (ADI)


The ADI plays a key role for the AFCS, it feeds information from the flight directors and warnings to the pilot of a failure in parts of the AFCS. This is one of the primary flying instruments; he would be able to see at once what faults had accrued, such as Flight Director Malfunction or a warning such as the radio altimeter. There is a switch that is available to the pilots to select from which flight director; information is fed into the ADI.

Datum Adjust Unit

Depending on which mode a small adjustment to the setting on the AFCS configuration can be made manually. The parameters that can be adjusted are:~

Autothrottle speed setting (+/- 22knots or +/- 0.06 Mach)

Autopilot turn – this will turn the aircraft at a roll rate of 5 degrees per Second. This in HDG/TRK mode will cause a revision in the basic heading mode.

Pitch datum adjust – Various settings depending on Mode, such as ALT HOLD, or MACH HOLD

Warning and Landing Display

AP / AT – Red lights will light flash if the Autopilot of/ Autothrottle system is no longer functioning correctly.

DH – Decision height warning will light when under the set height

LAND 2 and LAND 3 light will be green if the AFCS is working, and available to support an automatic landing in CAT2 or CAT3 conditions Aircraft Deviation Lights – white bars either side of the amber aircraft is veering off the glide slope or localiser. It would be expected that the AFCS would automatically correct for this deviation and these would go out. Also a test button test all the warning lamps in this panel

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