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Save Concorde Group (SCG)

Save Concorde Group (SCG) are the only UK based return to flight orgainisation. Born back in 2003 by Ross Mallet, upon the announcement of Concorde's retirement they have campaigned since then for a return.


Shortly after the retirement the group was handed over to Ben Lord who still to this day heads up the group. 

The group's aim is to return Concorde back to the skies in a Heritage capacity. Their interest in protecting the airframes has always been the first priority. 
They are the only group to have put forward a viable proposal for G-BOAB at Heathrow which does not involve compromising the airframe. They have also in the past put forward a proposal for G-BOAF at Filton. 

The group has gone through many changes in it's history however one thing that has never changed is their main aim of returning Concorde to flight.

Concorde G-BOAB at Heathrow

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