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Brooklands the home of Concorde

After British Airways retired their Concorde fleet on October 24th 2003, Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, Surrey, made an unsuccessful bid to acquire one of the seven retired BA Concordes.

More than 30% of each of the 20 Concorde airframes were manufactured by the British Aircraft Corporation at Brooklands during the 60s and 70s and the site's unique historical association with the type was the prime reason for the museum's ambition to acquire an example for its aviation collection.


Soon after their failed bid, however, it was announced that they were in negotiations with BA to have Concorde G-BBDG (c/n 202) loaned to the museum instead

Brooklands is now the home of the largest Concorde exhibit in the UK today. In addition to Concorde G-BBDG they also house

G-CONC the Heathrow gate guardian, the Concorde simulator and sections of the test fuselage used in the development of Concorde.


Restoration is taken very seriously at Brooklands and each year news of new restoration projects are announced. We highly recommend visiting Brooklands museum. Click the links for further information.

Right is G-CONC which used to stand at the entrance to Heathrow airport, when Concorde was retired a sad addition to the display was added. It seems that overnight G-CONC had shed a few tears at the retirement news. and a sign with a very distincive "V" was added saying "Very Sad" 
G-CONC was relocated to Brooklands and now stands fully restored at the gate to Brooklands museum

The restoration engineers have done a fantastic job on her.

Left is G-BBDG, this airframe (owned by BA) was stored at Filton for many years and used as a source of spare parts for the flying fleet. She was towed out of her hanger at Filton and was cut for the move to Brooklands.
The team of restorers have been working on her since 2004 and have done a truly amazing job of putting her back together. 

Left is the BA simulator which was stored for a short time then taken by Brooklands, again they have restored the simulator to working condition and visitors can fly Concorde. 
Many hours of restoration have gone into this and although the simulator is a fixed base now (Not moving) the simulator is as close to flying Concorde that anyone will get.

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